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Cyclepassion 2011 Calendar and DVD

Cyclepassion 2011 Calendar Eyes Wide Open DVD


Once a year, a select group of elite women cyclists leave behind their world of mud, sweat, blood and pain to slip into something a little more comfortable. See what happens when eight professional cyclists trade in their lycra for lace and leather in the annual Cyclepassion Bike Calendar. Take an intimate look behind the scenes of each photo shoot and find out what life off the bike is like for each rider. Eyes Wide Open also tells the story of the calendar origins with founder Anke Wilken and renowned photographer Daniel Geiger.

★ Running Time: 75min
★ Available formats:
PAL / NTSC / Digital Download MAC & PC
★ Zone Free: Plays on any DVD player, PC or MAC

Cyclepassion Calendar Heather irmiger

Cyclepassion Sensual Bike Calendar 2011

Heather Irmiger - Cyclepassion 2011

★ HEATHER IRMIGER (USA) ★ | Home | Twitter |
Who needs a trophy when you can win a tattoo instead? This is not just the way it goes at the Single Speed World Championships, which Heather won in 2009, but we think this also reflects her attitude towards life. Heather rides for the Subaru/Trek (formerly Subaru/Gary Fisher) MTB racing team. Heather is also a passionate motorcycle rider and goes on long road trips after a hard season.

Cyclepassion 2011 Heather Irmiger

Cyclepassion Calendar Willow Koerber

Willow Koerber - Cyclepassion 2011

★ WILLOW KOERBER (USA) ★ | Home | Facebook |
This is Willow's second appearance in the Calendar after 2009. For Willow, it's all about balance and getting back up after you've been down. Willow lives life to its fullest and we think this doesn't just reflect in her ability to ride a mountain bike really really fast, but also in her interaction with the Cyclepassion cameras. It was a pleasure having her back in the 2011 Calendar.

Cyclepassion 2011 Willow Koerber

Cyclepassion Calendar Julie Krasniak

Julie rides for Look Cycles. This is Julie's second appearance in the Cyclepassion Calendar after her stellar debut in 2010. It's hard to top a Calendar appearance when you've been the cover girl of the previous year. So, the only way to turn up the heat was to devote the month of August to Julie this year. We hope it will inspire you to ride strong throughout the summer.

Cyclepassion 2011 Julie Krasniak

Cyclepassion Calendar Hanka Kupfernagel

★ HANKA KUPFERNAGEL (DE) ★ | Home | Twitter |
Hanka has had a very successful road and cross-country cycling career and continues to be on top of her game year after year. From the Olympics to local races in her home country of Germany, Hanka manages her career like a true professional and always gives it her best. For that reason, we invited her back for a second round of Cyclepassion after her first appearance in 2009.

Cyclepassion 2011 Hanka Kupfernagel

Cyclepassion Calendar Liz Hatch

★ LIZ HATCH (USA) ★ | Facebook | Twitter |
"I can resist anything but temptation" are the words Liz has tattooed on the back of her neck. We can only agree with this phrase. How could we resist not including Liz in this years Calendar? She has loyal fans around the world and brings with her a breath of fresh air with a focus on living her dream as a professional cyclist and not winning at all cost.

Cyclepassion 2011 Liz Hatch

Cyclepassion Calendar Veronica Andreasson

★ VERONICA ANDRÉASSON (SWE) ★ | Home | Twitter
Veronica is as comfortable on a road bike as on a mountain bike and also rides a 'real' bike - a Ducati Monster 800 - in her spare time. Her friend and Lotto Ladies Team member Liz Hatch tells us that Veronica is the perfect team mate. Hard working, loyal and always there when you need her. Sacrificing her own chances in the interest of the team is the mark of a true champion.

Cyclepassion 2011 Veronica Andreasson

Cyclepassion Calendar Mona Eiberweiser

★ MONA EIBERWEISER (DE) ★ | Facebook |
Mona is an up-and-coming mountain bike star on Sabine Spitz's Central Ghost Pro MTB Team. She is also the youngest Cyclepassion athlete this year. However, as you can see from her photos, she is just as talented in front of the camera as she is on the trails. We wish her all the best for 2011 and hope to see her in a future edition of Cyclepassion.

Cyclepassion 2011 Mona Eiberweiser

Cyclepassion Calendar Fabienne Heinzmann

Fabienne has been on the Cyclepasion radar screen for a couple of years now, so we're happy that it finally worked out. Fabienne is a certified architect in the Valais region of Switzerland. I guess you could say she's also the architect of her own success in mountain biking. Fabienne uses her natural abilities to perform in the Marathon category and has had a fantastic 2010 season with BMC Alex Moos.

Cyclepassion 2011 Fabienne Heinzmann

Cyclepassion Calendar DVD Cyclefilm

Cyclepassion Calendar DVD Cyclefilm

Willow Koeerber - Cyclepassion 2011

★ Thank you to Cyclepassion founder Anke Wilken for believing in my work and trusting me to produce the film in good taste and with respect for the riders.
★ Thank you to Cyclepassion photographer Daniel Geiger for creative inspiration and plenty of on-location entertainment.
★ Thank you to Fabian Oelkers of FOE MEDIA for coming on board last minute to help with video graphics and designing the awesome DVD cover.
★ Thank You to Martin, Tatjana and Michelle for professional hair/make-up!

Continental Tires | Shimano |
Look Cycles | BMC Racing | Tune |

★ Finally, a huge Thank You to the eight fearless girls Willow, Heather, Liz, Veronica, Hanka, Julie, Mona and Fabienne for 'enduring' 12hr+ sessions with both photo and video camera pointed at them in 'compromising' positions. Now, let's do it all over again next year!


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